Planet Aspergia:
        For all Aspergians

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Get support. Find resources. Share pictures & videos. Chat to other Aspergians. Blog.

                                                                               The Home Planet for all Aspergians. 

Want to meet others from the same planet as you? This is the place where you can get support and encouragement. This is also a place for those not on the spectrum to come where they learn about those that are on the Autism spectrum, and to get support for that. Here you can participate in forums, share videos, find useful links and books on ASD. And above all,  have some fun. You can talk to others like yourself. And on catch up days, even get to meet them. If this is what you are looking for, then this is the  web group for you.

                                                                                   Welcome to Planet Aspergia!

We are not and will never be affiliated with autism speaks.

                                     Come and Join today!

I know that there is confusion and concern over the new DSM5 and the loss of the term Aspergers Syndrome. But rest assured here, on Planet Aspergia, we will always be Aspies. 

Help to educate about Service Dogs for Autism. Go to Musa the Marvelous Service Dog on FaceBook, or Kobash. Service Dog in Blue, also on FaceBook.

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